Saturday, October 18, 2008

AAF- Dr. Dog Malaysia WAD

Distribution of specially formulated soap by Taharah group.

Cute, animal-theme T-shirts to help raise funds.

It’s a tricky task to draw puppies who never sit still!

Looking good in Animals Asia sponsored bandanas, the Malaysian dog walk begins.
Jojo helps cut the anniversary cake in celebration of Furry Friends Farm’s 2nd Anniversary.

Dr. Dog Malaysia World Animal Day 2008

We had a really successful World Animal Day celebration here in Kuala Lumpur with the Dog Walk being especially popular. The walk was lead by Malaysia's Dr. Dog, Dr. Babe, Dr.Kylie and Dr. Sugar.

It was really a day full of fun with our Children's Art competition and Furry Friends Farm's 2nd Anniversary celebrations.

There was a special booth for the introduction and free distribution of Samak Soap - this soap is made of 90% clay, and is specially made for Muslim dog handlers to cleanse themselves after handling dogs.

We also had some really nice, cute T-shirts available, all of which were sponsored.
Children had great fun drawing the Furry Friends Farm's puppies - quite a challenging task as the puppies wriggled around all over the place!
Jojo, our second “Ambassador” was there to join the fun and help cut the anniversary cake!
We invited other pet rescue groups and had a cat and kitten adoption drive later in the day, and also successfully homed two of our own wonderful little puppies! It was a fabulous, fun day for all the furry kids and they slept soundly in the truck during our journey back to the farm.
All five local Chinese language newspapers published our event the following day.
Thanks so much to Animals Asia in supporting our event and for providing us with the cute bandanas for the dog walk.
The dogs looked great and really enjoyed the walk around the shopping complex!


Sabrina Dr. Dog Malaysia

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