Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pet's Memorial - A Tribute to Cheeky

A year has passed and still deeply remembered.

Pet's Memorial? People gave me a stare whenever I brought up the matter.

But today, I managed to fulfill my dream to do so, Yup ! It's in The Star Classified Ads under Pets Column. Not my Best choice but at least it's there. It can't be published under Cherish or Notices, as it's not human (ha ha) so it landed in the Classified Ads. But I'm satisfied with it. It is here that I want to create an everlasting tribute to Cheeky that I dearly loved and missed. The loss of Cheeky has a deep impact on me and those who have known her. Till today, friends and families still talked about my wonderful Cheeky.

Time has changed and many household has pets which form part of the family to many. Like human, they died too. But when they died no one remember them as there's no place to do so in Malaysia. You can publish your Memorial in the Internet but who goes there?

I was attracted to the two articles recently published in Star Metro under Final Salute and Resting Place for Beloved Pets. Interesting and it's real. Pets have life too, just like us and we need to preserve that spirit and it's a healing process.

Pet memorial column in the press should be a lucrative business, like Human, Pets need to be remembered and pay tribute to too, as they are special and have enriched your life, family and friends. So let's start the ball rolling and hope in future, it will have a better placement in the press, maybe their own Cherish and Obituary Section.


At October 31, 2008 at 6:52 AM , Blogger Shoba said...

What is most important is that it is from your heart.

Yes, Cheeky certainly deserves a better space than Classifieds, but Kudos to you for starting the ball rolling.

Let's hope STAR and other newspapers will no longer be biased towards animals and allow people to show their love and due recognition for the special qualities of their pets.

Thanks for posting the articles on Pet Memorial. Yes, I found it very interesting too.

At November 1, 2008 at 2:01 AM , Blogger Ahinkor said...

Guess What! On that day itself Mrs. Lim called after reading my Ads, she mentioned that she actually had pictures of me and cheeky during our trip to Malacca few years back.
My heart cry out with JOY! Eventhough my ads was in Classified Ads it fulfill my dream, I have Cheeky's pic with me.
In future, I won't be that careless, I will have my pictures taken with each and everyone of my "kids". I'll published them here once I got those pictures ASAP.
To Cheeky ! You're still my No: 1 and always will.


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