Monday, November 3, 2008

Cheeky in my arms!

"It's with me now" both your paw prints and photos are with me now forever.

About lunch time, on the 28th October 2008, the day I advertised Cheeky' Tribute, I received a call from Mrs Lim, saying that she has with her a few photos of me and cheeky. Infact, she told me actually there's a family photos with Cheeky. Picture taken with 3 families, the Lim, Law and Teoh's families, whom missed Cheeky dearly. Guess what ! The photos were taken on my 40th birthday and Cheeky and Chunky, her brother, were my own birthday present. The best birthday present ever !

Take a look of the happy moments of everyone around Cheeky! God bless you, Cheeky !

Pictures of Cheeky and Chunky. Look how loving Chunky is to the sister, Cheeky.

"A Loved One is Not Gone, Until They're Fogotten!

And to Live in the Hearts of those Left Behind Is to

Live Forever ! "