Sunday, November 11, 2007

It run in the family.

Dr. Kylie, with her Dr. Dog bandana.

On the 10th of November 2007, two days after Cheeky's death, Kylie, my Labrador, qualified the Dr. Dog Examinations that was held at Pet Safari, Ikano Power Center. The exam was done by Mr. Paul Choong, director of the Dr. Dog Programme for Furry Friends Farm, which is AAF's representative here in Malaysia. Paul examined potential Dr Dogs, to ensure they had the right temperament for the programme. Nine dogs and their owners came along to volunteer for the programme. Two dogs passed the rigorous examination with flying colours. Dr. Kylie and Dr. Suki.

Dr Dog is an innovative animal therapy programme that provides people with what they need most - a best friend!

Pioneered by Animals Asia Founder, Jill Robinson, the concept of animal therapy in Asia began with just one dog and a vision to promote animal welfare through people welfare.

Dr. Kylie did her first duty too while at the shopping center, she touches Heng Heng and friends' hearts that day.

Kylie was assessed on her temperament, obedience and suitability.

In Loving Memory

This is Cheeky at the age of 5 years old.

I wish to thank all Cheeky's acquitance and friends for showing the love and care all this years, from the vets at Petcare Melawati, Hesmaels Veternary in Sunway Damansara, the groomer , Wow Wow Meow Meow, Yuri Grooming and Training, the Lim, Law and Teoh's families, Fred n Maggie, staff of MKA (TTDI) and many others.

In loving memory of Ahinkor, Chunky (brother) Teddy, (husband) and her kids :- Fifi, Boomer, Ah Bi, Milo, and friends, Muffin n kids, Dr. Kylie (Dr. Dog qualifier), Stick, Puppy and Sammy.

We ALL love you and miss you alot !!!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Where Does Cheeky Got her Best Behaviour ! ?

Cheeky's Certificate and Medal

What is a Canine Good Citizen (CGC)?

A CGC is a dog that is well behaved around people and other dogs, at home and in public. It is the kind of dog that you want to own, one that is safe with children and one that you would welcome as a neighbour. It is a dog that is a pleasure to own and a nuisance to no one.

To become a CGC, dogs must demonstrate, by means of a short series of test, that they meet these requirements.

There are a total to ten tests :-
1) Accepting a friendly stranger,
2) Sitting politely for patting,
3) Appearance and Grooming,
4) Out for a walk on loose lease,
5) Walking through a crowd,
6) Sit and down on command: staying in place,
7) Coming when called,
8) Reaction to another dog,
9) Reaction to distraction, and
10) Supervised separation.

Cheeky passed all the tests with flying color! Now you know why Cheeky has the ability to behave appropriately in public.

Canine Good Citizen Program
"Your Best Friend on its Best Behaviour"

Cheeky and owner were trained by Mr. Paul Choong, Ex-MKA Trainer and currently the director of the Dr. Dog Programme for Furry Friends Farm, which is AAF's representative here in Malaysia.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Want to know how "cheeky" got her name?

"Cheeky" means mischievous.

Ask Adrian about it? He gave her the name which shows her true character witty and charming. Even when you're sad she will make you happy with her mischievous character. Always got her way. She call the shot.

Born in Bangsar among the "rich and famous", she live upto her standard. Eat only good "food". Her favourite is the cheese stick. She always got new clothing during festivals. Her favorite dress is the red "cheong sum".

She's my first dog and I learned alot from her. Being the first, she's the "queen", even the elder brother, Chunky, as the name, is double her size has to give in to her. What a character. She eats first before him and as an elder brother, he lets her be and eat whatever she left for him to eat. But she's not greedy always leave enough for Chunky to have.

Gosh! We'll miss you, Cheeky.

Every dog goes to heaven, so did Cheeky !!!

Today at 11.15 am 8/11/2007, while the Hindus celebrated the festival of lights, Deepavali, Cheeky saw the lights too and followed the path to heaven. She left me for good. I'm so sad and devastated.

SMSs were send to friends of her demise.

"Today 11.15 am my beloved Cheeky passed away peacefully. My darling was the first child I ever have and always been dear to me all the time and those who interacted with her. At least she goes before me and I know she will be happier up there. To Cheeky, you're always my dearest baby even until your last breath. I'll always love and miss you always. Your daddy."

Friends call back and send their condolences, and I thank them for it. But my tears came running everytime. Even now.

Sms :

PQ : "Dear Ahin. I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope you r ok n I'm sure CHEEKY had a good life."

PP&BS : "We share your losses. Let us know, if you need help."

SC : "My sympathies and condolences to you on the demise of your CHEEKY. We will all miss her very MUCH. Don't be so sad. Warm wishes."

ML :"All of us r shocked n sad too Hin. U don think so much ya. u need anything let us know. U take care."

DC : "Hi Hin, so sorry 2 hear cheeky passed away, take it easy ya."

AL : "Hi Hin, hope you are feeling better. Don b sad k, u had 5 good yrs wit cheeky n she is lucky 2 have u as daddy. We all here adores her v much too. Sad that we didn't get to c her b4 she leaves us. But like u said she will b happy in heaven."

My reply : "Thanks ALL. She's rested at home where she belong. All dog goes to heaven. She'll be waiting for me there."

Those who knows Cheeky will miss her dearly as she's such a darling.

Born on the 1st of June 2002. She approx. 5 yrs 5 mths. She's a mix Shih Tzu Tri-color female. Only one in the family graduated and survived the 10 weeks CGC program and awarded certificate and medal by MKA. (I'm so proud of you, Cheeky).

Cheeky was rested in peace in the garden at home, where she'll be remembered at all times. The home that was bought especially because of her and her other friends. Chunky (her brother), Teddy (the father to her kids), her kids, Muffin, Rustic, Cherry, Chesnut, Walnut, Maple, Pine, Puppy,Kylie, Stick and Sammy.